123 HP OJ4630 ePrint

123 HP ePrint Service on Officejet Printer

Print From Anywhere:

HP ePrint is a service that helps users to print from anywhere. It is a free application that uses the wireless features of the printer. You can print documents through your email service on your device.

On using HP’s ePrint option over your printer you need to have active wireless connection. The ePrint service can never be performed using an USB connections.

Confirm with the following, before you proceed with ePrint service,

  • 123 HP OJ 4630 Printer connected to an active wireless network.
  • Enabling web service on 123 Officejet 4630 printer.

Printing using 123 Officejet 4630 ePrint Service:

  • First and foremost thing is enable web services on your printer.
  • On your printer’s control panel select the ePrint option.
  • To find the printer’s address go to utility tab.
  • Then find the address in the printer’s management tools option.
  • Once you find the address, you can make use of it for the print job transmission.
  • Compose a mail and attach a document that you want to print.
  • Now enter the printer’s unique address in the recipient space.
  • Finally, hit the send option.

Your printer setup is always provided with an unique address and you can make use of it to transfer or transmit your data to get printed. This service could be processed from anywhere, this is the only service that was designed to print using an email service. You can make use of the other services to perform some more advanced features of your printer.


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