123 HP OJP6978 Printer Network Connection

123 HP OJP6978 Printer Management Tools

This section contains of the following topics:

  • Windows Toolbox
  • HP Utility (Apple OS X)
  • Embedded Web Server

123 HP Officejet Pro 6978 Windows Toolbox

The toolbox provides the Printer Maintenance information. Procedure to open the Toolbox:

  • Open the 123 HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printer software
  • Click the Print, Scan & Fax button
  • Click Maintain your Printer

HP Utility (Apple OS X):

HP Utility software is contained with tools to configure Print settings, Calibrate the Printer, Order Print Supplies online etc,.

  • Open the Application Folder from the Apple OS X Desktop
  • Click to open the 123 HP Officejet Pro 6978 Folder and double click the HP Utility software

Embedded Web Server:

When a Printer is established a network connection you can use the Embedded Web Server to view status information, change settings and manage printer from your computer.

Note: You can use the EWS without the internet access, conversely, only the basic features are available. i.e., About Cookies, Open EWS, EWS cannot be opened, Restrict Color etc.,

Some of the Topics available in the 123 HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printer Embedded Web Server are:

  • About Cookies
  • Open the Embedded Web Server
  • Embedded Web Server Cannot be opened
  • Restrict Color

About Cookies

The Printer Web Server stores small text files called cookies on your hard drive while you access the printer functions. These text files enable the Embedded Web Server to restore settings to your previous browsing session. i.e., If you have selected a specific language on the EWS then you can restore settings the next time. Some Cookies are customer specific preferences and can only be deleted manually from the computer.

Note: If you disable some cookies depending on your Printer then finally you also disable some of the features given below

  • Restore feature, especially setup wizard
  • Printer Language settings
  • Personalizing settings in Printer Web Server

Procedure to open the Embedded Web Server using the Network Connection:

  1. Find out the IP Address or Hostname for the Printer using the network configuration page
  2. From your Computer open a OS supported web browser and type the corresponding IP Address or Hostname that’s assigned to Printer

Procedure to open the Embedded Web Server using the Printer Wi-Fi Direct:

  1. Touch or Swipe down the tab in the Control Panel to open the Dashboard
  2. Touch Setup button and tap settings tab
  3. If display shows Wi-Fi Direct OFF then go back to the Dashboard
  4. Touch Wi-Fi Direct to switch it ON
  5. Enable the wireless connectivity on your Computer and search for Devices to connect Wi-Fi Direct
  6. When prompted enter the Wi-Fi Direct password to establish a connection

Procedure to open the EWS using the 123 HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printer Software (Windows OS):

  1. Open the 123 HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printer Software
  2. Click Print & Scan and then Click Printer Home Page

Embedded Web Server cannot be opened

Verify your Network Setup:

  • Be careful not to use a phone cord to connect the printer to the network
  • Ensure the network cable is securely connected to the Printer
  • Ensure the network hub, switch or router is working correctly

Verify your Computer Network Setup:

  • Ensure your Printer and the Computer are available in the same network

Check your Web Browser:

  • Ensure the Web Browser is compatible with the Operating System
  • Turn OFF the proxy settings in the Web Browser, if required
  • Ensure Cookies and JavaScript is enabled on the Web Browser

Verify the Printer IP Address:

Make sure you have an valid Printer IP Address that is compatible to Router IP Address. Procedure to find the IP Address:

  1. Touch or Swipe down the tab in the Control Panel to open the Dashboard
  2. Touch Setup and then Touch Network Setup
  3. Touch Wireless / Ethernet settings
  4. Touch Reports and tap Network Configuration Page

 Restrict Color:

Using this option the Color Print feature is restricted based on the User’s permission level. You can specify that all print jobs are either printed in color or gray scale equivalent. A Network Administrator can use Restrict Color Use setting for the Printers that are connected to the Network.

Procedure to set Restrict Color Use option from Printer Control Panel:

  1. Touch or Swipe down the tab in the Control Panel to open the Dashboard
  2. Touch Setup button and tap settings tab
  3. Touch Configure Device and tap System Setup
  4. Touch Restrict Color Use option, select from the list of options:
  • Enable Color: This is the default setting for all Users, which allows the users for Color Printing capabilities
  • Color If Allowed: This option allows the Network Administrator to provide permission For each User
  • Disable Color: This option denies the Color Printing capabilities for the 123 HP Officejet Pro 6978
  1. Touch OK button to save settings

Tips for Using the Printer Connection:

  • While establishing a wireless network connection for the Printer, ensure to keep the Router Power turned ON. The Printer synchronizes with the Router and displays the Name of the wireless connection
  • While establishing a Wi-Fi Direct connection for the Printer, ensure to keep the Wi-Fi Direct ON in your mobile devices
  • Disconnect from a Virtual Private Network, if accessed, to operate the Printer Network Connection efficiently
  • Open the 123 HP Officejet Pro 6978 Print and Scan Doctor utility in Windows OS to diagnose and troubleshoot printer network connection


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