Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy identifies what information 123hp Support collects from its users, how 123hp Support uses such information, and when third-parties may gain access to user information as part of subscribing to 123hp Support’s services.

Information collected: The users who place an order with 123hp Support will be required to share basic identifying information, such as first name, last name, email address, and nature of inquiry. Because 123hp Support guides users through technical resolutions of devices that are not properly working, 123hp Support technicians will need information to identify a user’s device, including make, model and status of devices, and software installed on that device. 123hp Support may also need to obtain device ownership information and company information (especially with respect to users calling on behalf of an employer) as well as browsing history, device history, and other additional user data. Because 123hp Support may recommend that users sign onto or utilize a third party for purposes of downloading additional software, identifying customer location, allowing an 123hp Support representative to access a user’s device, or processing payment for an order, users will be subject to those third party’s policies regarding data collection separately from 123hp Support. 123hp Support may collect user data from those third parties as is necessary to process an order and provide the services ordered by the user.

Live session Records: Voice session services comprising of offline conversation between the technician and user will be recorded to ensure quality and customer satisfaction goals. These recordings might be used to improve services and to conduct internal market research. These recordings will not be sold or otherwise made available to the public without court order.

Cookies: We use cookies on our site to collect personal information, help a visitor’s hard drive “remember” our site, and identify repeat visitors to our site. If you do not want these cookies to store in your hard drive, you may block these cookies. Cookies help us understand user search and service preferences. Blocking cookies may restrict your access to portions of the 123hp Support website and may prevent a user from being able to receive effective service from 123hp Support.

123hp Support’s Use: 123hp Support uses your data to help us provide our core service of technical support. 123hp Support also uses your data to improve our services, provide quality control and assurance, resolve security issues, analyze user expectations, provide training and assessment of technicians, and deliver on our refund policy.

Payment information: Users order services from 123hp Support by placing an online order through a third-party merchant services vendor (such as Paypal or a merchant services bank). During the order process, a User may have to register on such third-party site and provide contact information (such as name, address, telephone number, email address) and financial information (such as credit card information and expiration date) for payment. 123hp Support does not collect or process payment information directly from users. However, 123hp Support may collect this information from its third-party merchant services vendor, if necessary to pursue payment, refund payment, or resolve any other issue with payment. All payment information received by 123hp Support is kept confidential and stored in a secure manner, both online and offline.

Sharing and Disclosure of Information: 123hp Support does not sell its user information. 123hp Support may share its user information with its partners in order to provide and improve its sales, marketing, or customer services. 123hp Support is not responsible for the use of user information by any third party (technicians, third party service providers, etc.). If a user registers on any third party site, downloads any service or programs from a third party site, or provides information to a third party (even if the third party is provided to a user by a link on 123hp Support’s website or suggested by an 123hp Support technician) the user should carefully review the third-party provider’s privacy policy.

International users: 123hp Support operates globally and 123hp Support tracks the location of its users, regardless of jurisdiction.

Security: 123hp Support incorporates security measures to protect user information from access by

unauthorized third parties, including but not limited to encryption of data, shredding of printed information, firewalls, passwords and passcode protections and other measures.

Surveys and Marketing: 123hp Support may conduct surveys in order to receive feedback from our users. In order to conduct such surveys, 123hp Support may utilize registration data or specifically request user contact information and demographic information. Users who respond to surveys sent from 123hp Support consent to the use of the information provided for 123hp Support’s marketing and improvement processes.

Customer options:

Corrections and Revisions: 123hp Support users can call 123hp Support at the contact information

provided on the 123hp Support website to revise or correct user information. Removal of Personal Information: 123hp Support users can call 123hp Support at the contact information provided on the 123hp Support website to request the removal of that user’s information from any and all of 123hp Support’s databases, which will also cause such user to be removed from any survey or marketing lists and will prevent future contacts from 123hp Support.

Revisions to Policy: 123hp Support may make certain changes to the website privacy policy from time to time according to the convenience of the clients and the owners of the website.

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