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Installing Printer to initiate printer control and perform all printer functions. Provided, with full assistance on printer driver setup In addition, installation process. You can now Connect and perform all printer actions your printer setup.

To install your printer driver software to your Personal device and initiate the printer, to Perform all printer functions. Along with access, now connect your printer driver and perform all printer functions including wireless Connection and setup.

123 HP Printers provide and ease of getting rid of Issues that you occur while using printer setup. Some common issues that occur are paper jam and ink cartridge issues, on which the printer helps you to overcome them and resolve issues easily.

 123 HP Printer Setup Install Basic Hardware Setup

Basic Printer Setup and Installation:

Printer setup and installation can find you way to initialize your printer. If you know how to install then it is easy for you to work with your printer setup. The importance of working with your printer setup can be understood when you work with complete guidance of your printer setup.

To setup and install your printer setup you need to remove your printer setup from the package. Install the printer setup and start to initialize your printer setting. Once you grab your printer from printer box, remove all the packing from the printer setup.

Know How to Install Printer setup:

Installation is an important feature that is to be carried out using your printer setup. Only when you install your printer setup, you can start to perform all printer actions. On performing printer setup and installation you can take access of your printer.

Printer setup installation guide is given along with your printer setup. You can make use of it. Go through your printer setup installation guide to perform all printer functions.

  • Install your printer driver setup to your personal device,
  • Connect your printer to your computer through USB.
  • Initialize your printer settings using control panel.
  • Proceed with all other settings and perform printer functions.
  • You can also use your printer setup to activate your printer.
123.hp.com – Driver Install Setup
  • The installation process is a short process that can help you take access over your printer. All printer setup are now available at 123.hp.com/setup. You can now download the printer driver setup and try to install to install it on your personal device for your desired printer.
  • On installation you need to enter some promotions and perform some important features and hence you can initiate your printer setup. The important aspect of 123 HP Printer setup is installing the setup.

How will I install my setup-using Driver CD?

In recent times, printers are provided with printer driver disc, in order to avoid unwanted risks on installing printer setup. It has become simpler to work with printer setup and on installation.

You can now install your printer software to take access of your printer setup. Installation process and guidance on installing printer setup is now provided with 123 HP Printer. You can use your printer driver setup to install the printer setup. on installation, it is easy to take direct access of your printer setup.

Make use of printer setup guide to install the setup. Driver premiere is also available for regular users of 123 HP printers. This can help you get the most valuable features on 123 HP products.

Installing Printer Driver through CD:

  • Insert your 123 HP Printer Driver Disc on your computer.
  • Run the printer Driver software in your personal device.
  • Now try to install your printer driver on your PC.
  • You need to follow On-screen instructions to complete setup.
  • Once your done connect your printer through USB cable.

hp-support-driver-installFigure: Example of the HP driver file in a computer Downloads folder.


One of the simplest methods of installing your printer setup. You can now easily install your printer setup through your CD Disc. In recent days these driver discs are available along with your printer. In case if you miss your CD Driver, you can now download your driver setup file from 123.hp.com/setup.

In order to work with your printer setup, you can perform all printer functions. You can also install your driver setup to perform faster and in a simple manner. at the same time, you can now scan your documents to your PC using your printer driver setup. Make sure that you install the driver setup to your PC.

123 HP Setup to print documents And Wireless Installation

123 HP Wireless Network Connections:

123 HP Wireless connections are one of the aspects of printer setup. You can install your printer setup to connect to your wireless network. It is easier to connect your printer to setup and install your printer. You should have a wireless router to connect to a wireless setup.

Along with the Wireless setup you can also access your printer setup, using Wi-Fi setup. Using this setup it is easy to access your printer. There is always a great eligibility to access your printer setup. in Order to perform all printer functions get connected to printer setup.

Connecting to 123 HP Wireless printer setup you can now start to initiate the printer. Directly connect your 123 HP Printer to your wireless network. There is no need of any USB connection. You can now connect your printer setup directly to your printer.

  • It is simpler to work on a wireless connection.
  • All you need to do is connect your printer to wireless router.
  • You must have a wireless router to connect.
  • Connect your printer setup to the wireless router.
  • Then connect your computer to the same network.
  • You can now start to access your printer setup.

The best ever resource to connect your printer setup to your wireless connection. Follow the above given steps to perform more actions. You can then take access over your printer setup and perform all functions. You can even copy and scan your documents to your computer.

123 HP Scan to computer:

One among the common features of 123 HP Printer setup is the scan option. You can now scan your documents on the printer. You can now install your printer setup to your computer. Then you can easily take access of your printer setup.

The printer setup is more or less user friendly, where you can precede your actions with your printer. Among the important aspects of your printer setup, you can proceed further. The only setup that can allow users to connect easily to your printer and perform best actions.

How to scan documents on your computer?

  • To scan documents on your computer setup,
  • You should connect your printer setup to perform action.
  • To connect your printer, install the printer Driver setup.
  • Installation needs your approval.
  • Only then, you can proceed further.
  • On installation of your setup, you can take access of your printer.

Now to scan documents to your computer setup, you can now access your printer easily. This action of installing printer setup to your personal device allows you to initialize your printer. The access of your printer setup can help you perform more actions.

You can now scan your documents faster and the essential thing is that you can now connect your printer setup to your computer. so that you can save your scan document directly to your computer device.

123 HP Troubleshooting

123 HP Troubleshooting:

On using 123 HP Printers you may come across some issues. Some common issues can occur on using your printer setup. You need to fix those issues by yourself. Hence you should have a troubleshoot guide to overcome these issues.

Some of the frequent or critical issues that some users face while using their HP printers are due to the following features. These issues can be resolved easily if handled carefully while using your printer.

123 HP Printer Setup mechanism:

  • Before starting with the printer setup installation first check with the printer box.
  • Search for the printer driver CD in the HP Printer package.
  • If you find the Printer Disc, insert the printer disc in your computer driver.
  • Now follow the instructions on the display screen and try installing the printer driver.
  • If your computer pops a message that the CD is outmoded.
  • Then you can visit the website 123.hp.com/setup and download the printer setup.
  • Now run the downloaded file and then install the setup.
  • Now check the printer is attached by checking through the list of printers in the print option.
  • Print a test page to check whether the network connections are correct.

123 HP Printer fitting ink cartridges:

  • Most of the HP Users fail to sustain their 123 HP ink cartridges.
  • This is mainly due to lack of mind.
  • To overcome this drawback 123 HP has introduced the HP instant ink.
  • Users can now avail for the HP Instant Ink when they purchase their 123 HP Printers.
  • At recent days, 123 HP Printers directly provides HP Instant ink to its patrons on their first purchase.
  • The ink cartridges are delivered to the customer before the cartridges runs out of ink.

 Finding out Paper Jam in 123 HP Printers:

  • One of the important issues that make the customers feel so troubled is the paper jam.
  • This issues occurs due to some mistakes which are done while installing the printer.
  • Do not load paper more than the estimated level.
  • Do not squeeze the paper in the paper stack.
  • Fix the paper widths to the edges of the paper.
  • To know whether the printer has any jammed paper in it,
  • Remove the access doors and check for the jammed paper.
  • After removing the paper from the paper close the access doors.
  • Now turn the printer ON and start printing.

Why Choose 123 HP Setup

Setup & Installation:

123 HP Printers are easy to setup and install. You can now use your setup guide to install your printer setup. Installation is very simple with 123 HP Printers.


123 HP Printer setup provides troubleshoot techniques to resolve issues that are related to printer. You can fix your printer by yourself and perform actions.

Fax setup:

Connect your local landline phone to connect your printer setup to your Fax. You can easily connect your printer setup to Fax and initialize your setup.

Wireless Setup:

Wireless setup is an added advantage. You can now connect your printer setup to your Wireless router and install your printer setup for wireless connections.

Driver Install:

Driver setup installation is one of the important features of 123 HP Printers. You can install your printer setup to your personal device to easily share documents.

Copy & Scan:

Some of the printer features that are offered by 123 HP Printers are copy and scan option. Copy and scan documents from your printer setup for efficient printing.


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